A.K.A. Psychic Gallery. Check out the filtered reviews (wish I saw them before wasting my time at this place). The 1 star ones are accurate based on my experience. Maria seems like a nice person, but her psychic abilities are pretty much non-existent. She does cold readings that are very general and uninformative.
Mar 02, 2020 · Psychic children have certain special abilities that help them to see, hear and feel the sensitive information received from various sources. For normal people, its a disorder but for those children, it’s a unique way to see the world differently.
Aug 08, 2014 · The Part of Fortune symbolizes the place in the horoscope where the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (rising sign) are in harmony. The Sun is our vitality, the nature through which the spirit expresses itself in the physical world and the ascendant is the filter for the Sun until the age of 30 or in a sense, the age when we finally feel confident enough to express our true self.
Psychic abilities are a controversial subject and even those who believe in or possess psychic abilities disagree about what exactly makes an individual psychic. Nevertheless, these positions in one's Natal Chart are thought to perhaps bestow or at least indicate psychic abilities.
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Psychic Source Website: Psychic Source recently updated their website and I really like it. It’s extremely easy to use, and you can search for psychics by name or phone extension. If you don’t know which psychic to choose you can sort the list by their psychic abilities, whether or not they are available to take calls, customer ratings and ...
When it comes to Psychic abilities and what placements or aspects would point to this ability, I have recently decided to write my findings with the many Psychic birth charts I have analyzed to maybe help those that have doubts open up with more confidence should you be one, that has felt you have psychic gifts but have perhaps been doubtful.
For the most basic and quick way to learn about your astrology chart, I HIGHLY recommend a book called “YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS: Astrology for Radical Self Acceptance” by Chani Nicholas. It explains the basics of astrology in layman’s terms and even goes into depth in explaining all the houses and aspects.